Will my property be exclusive to Planet Destinations?

We like to operate on an exclusive basis within regions and countries depending on your specific location, we can of course discuss this in more detail.

What do planet Destinations do in a nutshell?

We become your UK sales team, we bring your product to market, service it, train it, carry out our own and participate in others roadshows, we support on trade shows, organise fam trips and provide invaluable commercial guidance, which will all help to support positive ROI.

Would it be possible for me to have my own dedicated UK & Ireland sales person?

Absolutely, this is something that can be discussed and arranged to suit your requirements.

Do you provide one single package of services or can those be tailor-made to suit our needs and budget?

We understand that every partner is unique and may require different levels of support. We are happy to discuss the parameters of the services required, and will tailor-make your package of services accordingly.

Do you also provide sales & marketing representation services for other European source markets, outside the UK & Ireland?

This is not something we currently offer but this may change at any time in the future. Therefore, please always feel free to check with us.

We would only need your services on a one-off occasion (ie: for a roadshow, event or trade show). Is this something you would be able to assist us with?

Certainly, this is something we regularly arrange and we would be happy to discuss how we may also be able to assist you on a one-off basis, ensuring this is non-conflicting with our yay are partners.

We have been present on the UK market for quite a while but without any real success. How and will Planet Destinations really be able to make it happen?

We certainly do hope so! We will initially have an open discussion with you to understand what has been done so far and evaluate the situation. We will provide you with an honest feedback as we always aim it to be a successful investment for both parties. With over 60 years expertise in the travel industry, our team has an outstanding knowledge of the UK & Ireland market, and reliable strong relationships in the industry to rely on.

I don’t want to lose touch with my existing clients in the UK

Of course we don’t want you to either, our service backs up your visits to the UK, we carry
out the training, contracting, meetings, of course, but your visit is imperative to keep the
face of your product alive, we will put together your UK sales trip and come with you to
your meetings – we even do your follow up for you.

We have worked with clients from all sectors, we’re able to offer an even more tailored set of services specific to each sector – and industry’s – needs.

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