Deevesh Joshi

Deevesh Joshi, Director

Deevesh, otherwise known as Dee, has spent over 18-year in the travel industry, after some time in the music industry. During his early years in travel, Dee’s experience was in IT, Operations and then Sales, which really sowed the seed for the travel passion bug! He then rapidly progressed into numerous Product Management and Commercial roles within the tour operation sector.

He then went from being a distributor to becoming a supplier, which he successfully managed and now co-owns Planet Destinations. Dee has always lived by ‘work hard’, ‘play hard’ philosophy, but when it comes to recharging his batteries, Dee will turn to music, travelling, exploring the great outdoors and discovering the culinary delights of this world.

What’s your favourite part of travelling?

Meeting new people, cultures and food. When travelling I am on a constant search to find restaurants where the locals eat, not only will you get a better cultural understanding, but also a better meal too!

What is the one thing you can’t travel without?

My bag of wires! I am that annoying person that needs 4 or 5 Wi-Fi connections as I am a gadget man. My bag of wires is the energy lifeblood for all my devices and therefore will be the first thing I pack!

Where is your bucket list destination?

Many countries within Central and South America. The culture, nature, people and history is so diverse and rich.

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